Manx Payroll Software

PayMann V4

The process of running a payroll is a time and cost intensive activity which due to the pay calculations involved together with the numerous reporting requirements, is ideally suited to being performed by computer software.

PayMann V4 is a comprehensive payroll solution designed to meet the requirements of current payroll legislation and is focused on significantly reducing both the administration time and inherent costs required for running payrolls.

PayMann V4 is an ideal solution due to its ease of use, even for people unfamiliar with payroll processing, together with the included payslip printing and full reporting options.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple payroll support, including multiple period types (i.e. Weekly, Monthly etc.) and separate companies.
  • Security is provided by the use of user access accounts, together with the ability to password protect individual payrolls.
  • Includes functionality to include user defined Additions and Deductions to pay.
  • Supports user definable Pension Schemes.
  • Allows rapid processing of payroll each period.
  • Generates payslips on A4 copy paper or on continuous secure stationary.
  • Supports export of payments to all major banking and payment systems.
  • Includes full support for the IOM Government Electronic T14 submission.
  • Produces IOM Government forms T14, T20 and T21 on A4 copy paper ready to be submitted.
  • Features the ability to assign pay costs to different departments and includes cost reporting and exporting to enable cost analysis by department.


PayMann V4 does not have a purchase price and there is no installation fee to pay. We only charge our support and maintenance fee which is currently £360.00 (ex VAT), payable annually. This allows up to three payrolls to be operated. Additional payroll licenses can be purchased for £60.00 per payroll, per year, if required.

This annual fee includes telephone, email and on site support together with all PayMann V4 software updates released throughout the year. We will also be happy to assist you in completing your Tax Year End process, if required.

To arrange for a demonstration of this software or to receive a free trial version please contact us by email at or by telephone on (01624) 610122.

PayMann Lite (Free)

PayMann Lite is our introductory software for running payroll in the Isle of Man and is free to download and use.

Please enter the following information to download PayMann Lite for the Isle of Man Tax Year 2016/2017.